August 1st Update from Don

Dear Friends,

As we continue to build momentum heading into election season, your support matters more than ever for my campaign to be re-elected as your County Attorney. So far this year I have witnessed such a tremendous response to our positive message of continuing strong, ethical, and fiscally responsible leadership in the Douglas County Attorney’s Office.

I am pleased to have the privilege to directly impact the lives of my fellow citizens by obtaining justice for themselves or their loved ones. While many challenges lie ahead in improving public safety, we have made significant strides in the last four years. I have created dedicated Violent Crime, Felony DUI, and Sexual Assault units staffed with experienced prosecutors to tackle some of the most serious threats to the community. I have worked diligently to improve lines of communication and coordination with local law enforcement agencies and community partners. These steps, among others, have had a tangible impact on crime rates in the county.

I am confident that come November 4th, the voters of Douglas County will allow me the honor of continuing to serve this great community. But, in order to make that vision a reality, I need your help.

Election Day is less than three months away. Please take a moment to send a contribution to the mailing address listed below or click on “Donate Today” button below, where you can  contribute using PayPal.

Thank you,

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Don Kleine

Douglas County Attorney

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