Crack ring’s leaders join others in prison as a result of Operation Purple Haze

Congratulations to the hardworking officers of the Omaha Police Department and the dedicated attorneys and staff of the Douglas County Attorney’s Office for putting this drug ring out of commission. The Omaha World Herald covered the story:

Two Omaha gang members who led a crack cocaine distribution ring were sentenced Thursday to prison.

[One defendant], 30, received 22 to 33 years for distributing crack cocaine and possessing a firearm.

[The second defendant], 35, was sentenced to 20 to 35 years for possessing and delivering crack cocaine.

Police said 13 high-level gang members were arrested as a result of “Operation Purple Haze.”

[District Court Judge Gary] Randall sided with the state and said both defendants deserved serious sentences.

“Bottom line is, the distribution of crack cocaine is a horrible scourge on our community,” Randall said.

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Former Ralston teacher sentenced for groping students in front of class

The Douglas County Attorney’s Office secured justice for the three child victims after a two lengthy trials. The Omaha World Herald covered the story:

This time, [the teacher]’s hands were behind his back. Fastened. In a position where they couldn’t grope another child.

Decrying the “catastrophic” effects on [the teacher]’s victims, Retelsdorf sentenced the 60-year-old Omaha man to the maximum term on each count.

Douglas County Attorney Don Kleine lauded the fortitude of the boys and their families.

Kleine said the boys or their parents could have refused to continue after the first trial ended in a hung jury. Instead, they testified again.

One of the boy’s mothers told prosecutors she was satisfied with [the teacher]’s sentence. “It’s a relief,” she said.

“Those kids are courageous,” Kleine said. “They’ve been through a lot — having to relive this multiple times. I’m sure they’re ready to move on with their lives.”

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World-Herald editorial: Justice trumps Nikko Jenkins’ antics

The Omaha World Herald published an editorial regarding the Nikko Jenkins case:

Four Omahans whose lives were tragically cut short by Nikko Jenkins.

Hopefully, their families received a measure of closure this week after the diligent work of law enforcement officers, prosecutors and a judge.

In court, officials worked to keep Jenkins from making a mockery of his quadruple-murder trial as the killer oddly defended himself.

…He did violence to those families not only on the streets but also in court, where he laughed as prosecutors detailed his wicked deeds.

…That this now-convicted killer got more consideration in court than he ever gave says a great deal about the fairness, patience, persistence and professionalism of our criminal justice system.

Despite his antics, justice was served.

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