Serial rapist convicted, facing up to 140 years in prison

An excellent job by Chief Deputy Douglas County Attorney Brenda Beadle to obtain the convictions and prevent the victims from having to testify and re-live their traumatic experiences. The Omaha World Herald covers the story:

“We meet with murder victims’ families all the time who say, ‘We’ll do everything we can to help you convict the bad guy,’ ” Beadle said. “But you sometimes get the opposite reaction in rape cases. It’s difficult because you’re expecting the victim to get up and talk about very intimate things.”

[The defendant]’s five survivors won’t have to go through that trauma after Monday’s plea. In part because of Beadle’s persistence, all five had agreed to testify against [the defendant] at trial this week. A few did so reluctantly.

Beadle and [Douglas County Attorney] Kleine said they had no doubt that [the defendant] attacked or planned to attack other women. Police found video indicating that he had stalked women — including cellphone video he took up women’s skirts as they shopped.

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